Friday, October 10, 2008


This past summer "08 I decided to teach my kids the importance of "Living Green" to help conserve our Earth. I took them down to the woods ( 2 doors down from our house) and we collected branches, cleaned up some of the woods, planted some trees, and we bought bags of rocks that we spread down there by the river and trees. I decided to teach my kids the importance of what Mother Earth has given to us and how to give it back.
We took the branches home and made some picture frames from them , we twisted some of them and made a family lawn chair from them, and we even made a solar light house from the fallen trees . We actually had a lot of fun this past summer. My son was so into it that he made me some planter boxes for my flowers! My son is so into living green now that he took pictures of what we made and did and took them to school to share with his classmates. We have been looking for a new house one that has trees on the property ( since we have none on ours that we live on) and we are currently making things for our new home. We rent where we are right now and my landlord does not like trees or such on his property. My kids have family day on Saturdays or Sundays ( depending what day my son's football game lands on) and my daughter's and my son and I make things that we have recycled. We have made so many beautiful things.
We have been taking things like cans, plastic milk cartons, glass bottles, and many other things and making planters, sun catchers, bird feeders, and many other things. My kids look forward to it every weekend. We recently made a floor mat out of smooth stones of various sizes and place mats for our kitchen table. We tumbled our stones we found and polished them up smooth and made things out of them. It was a lot of fun! Some parts of my city have recycling bins they put out to the curb and un-fortunately we are not one of them , but I bought 2 garbage cans that I fill up and on the weekend we take the things we do not use to a recycling place and my kids think it is the greatest field trip
I have 5 children that range from 5-12 and I hope by teaching them everything about giving to Mother Earth that she gives us will make them a better person in life. I hope they pass this onto thier children as well. There is so much out there that people do not know and need to take the time to learn and do.
My daughter has had a blanket of hers for years and it is finally wearing out so she decided to cut it up and sew the pieces she made togther to make a new blanket instead of throwing it out so it makes me happy to see she is recycling it. I feel if more and more people do things like this then it would make Life on Earth alot cleaner to live in. I do encourage people to look around inside thier house and think about what they can do to make things for thier home from the materials they find. Believe me it is a lot of fun and it makes u feel good about yourslef.

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