Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Helo to All...

Wow! I realize that I have not been on here in such a long long while, so I decided to write something today. LOL Well, today is my Birthday and I am so blessed with friends here on the internet and to be here again for another year.
I am blessed to have friends that I can talk to , trust, tell my thoughts to, to tell my feelings to and so forth. I have recently found out that I am going to be a Great Aunt and I am so looking forward to it! I raised my neice for 7 years of her life before she moved to Texas with her mom and step father and now she is back here with me and her fiance to build her own family. Wow, time has really gone by fast! LOL Now if I could get her mom to move back home it would be GREAT!
I have been sitting back sipping my coffee this morning and I have been looking back and thinking of things that happened this year.
This year I have made a lot of changes in my life and I feel I made good one's. Anyone ever heard of Pal Talk? LOL Well, if you have then you know what all I am about to talk about then, those of you who do not know about Pal Talk it is a chat site to go in rooms to talk to your friends and make new one's. Anyways, I have had good friends in there and made some poor choices on friends and got rid of them poor choices. Sometimes you have to weed out problem's in your life and start all over but in the end it ie well worth it! I am satisfied now.
Well, I made some friends who I thought were freinds that ended up stabbing me in the back and all that stuff. You all knwo what I am talking about, it happens to us all. It was not only in Pal Talk but other sites too. Life is a journey and we are not going to be here forever. What choices you make in life is a lesson and a very well lesson learned. You have the good vs. the bad so what choices you make in this life time use it wisely.
I have sat back the last year and watched my children grow up and mature from the year before, seen thier smiles change and facial features, seen them grow taller, and love them more then life itself. It is weird how much things in life change in a years time. It is Amazing! My nieces and nephew's are all growing up and doing thier own thing in school and got thier own clicks, just as my children do, I planted a tree last year and it has really grown tall, my plants have gotten bigger and fuller, and I have new family members popping out of the wood works through births and marriages. WOW!
IF you all take the time to sit back and think about what all goes on during the year you will see it is not really all that bad. You have good things mixed in you jst have to search for it all. LOL I have lost some great people in deaths and got new ones in birth, and weeded out my garden of friends to balance things out and most of all I am a happier person this way. Now if I could get the one's I dropped as friends to be stop trying to make my life miserable I would be alot more happier. You all know how some people can be, if they are not happy they think you should not be happy either. It is a shame they cannot go on in life on thier own.
Well, I thought that I would just write a blog on how happy life can be since I have not put anything in here in such a long while. Well I wish you all a great day and a great year! I will blog more often as I am able to. Keep on blogging I will catch up, I promise!