Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall Leaves....

I have decided to make things from the leaves this year that have fallen from my neighbor's trees.
Instead of bagging them up or putting them out to the curb that I would put them to good use. I have decided to use the leaves in picture frames, candle holders, in candles, in wreathes, and table arrangements.
I have tall glass vases and decided to take nuts and leaves that have fallen from the trees and place a candle glass candle holder and put leaves and nuts around it on the inside of the tall vases. Take the leaves and press them and put them on the outside of the picture frames and glue them flat against them. For my wreathes I have decided to make them with leaves and nuts and flowers i have growing for fall. There is so much you can do with leaves and nuts. For a table arrangement you can use gourds, pumpkins, corn maze and add some leaves and nuts to it to make a beautiful arrangement. Just so much to do!
My kids and I have already started on some projects and we have a barn about a mile away from us that the communtity uses for Halloween and to sell things they grow plant and vegetable wise so it is open all year round with so many things to do. We have decided to make things and sell them there to share with everyone and the proceeds we make we will donate half to a foundation and the other half we will use to make our crafts.
We have decided to make things with pumpkin seeds since Halloween is upon us and save the rest to grow pumpkins next year. We have dried out corn to use the seeds to make things and we saved the corns on the cobs to make our own corn maze. My mind is constantly working all the time even when I sleep just thinking about all I can do to help out the Earth. I have many ideas that come to me and if anyone would like any ideas of anything they find on what they can make of it just let me know I would be gald to share ideas with you all.
I have recently taught my kids how to make paper and we even incorporate leaves into the paper. They use the paper for crafts, notes, and even for writting to thier family members. They even make great party invitations!

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